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WDIV-TV, WTHR-TV, WISH-TV Investigate Helmet Safety at Local Middle Schools and High Schools (WDIV-TV, WTHR-TV, WISH-TV)

Topic: Community-Focused Initiatives

Two stations in Indianapolis investigated helmet safety. LIN Media’s CBS affiliate WISH-TV Indianapolis polled seven local schools for information about their students’ helmets. The results were posted on the station’s website, leading state officials to now require that all area schools report any concussions that occur. Additionally, Dispatch Broadcasting’s NBC affiliate WTHR-TV Indianapolis surveyed 160 schools across Indiana, filing more than 100 requests for schools to share information about their football helmets and concussion records. The station created an interactive map that shows the manufacturers and models of more than 12,000 helmets used by middle school and high school football players across the state. The WTHR-TV investigation found that hundreds of the helmets in use offer little protection from severe head injuries.

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