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WCVB Campaign Highlights Opioid Epidemic

Topic: Drug Prevention
Date Posted: 7/17/2015

Hearst Televisionís ABC affiliate WCVB-TV Boston launched its 13-week campaign, "5 On: Opioid Crisis,," on June 17. WCVB is using news reports, public affairs programming, a series of PSAs, online resources and community outreach to cover the path to addiction (which often starts with prescription painkillers) and effective, accessible treatment options. "5 On: Opioid Crisis" covers an innovative recovery program at the Middlesex House of Corrections, a unique drug court and Governor Charlie Bakerís task force. WCVB also talks with a high school athlete whose injury led to a fatal drug habit and a 21-year-old from a Boston suburb whose high school drinking progressed to prescription drug abuse and heroin addiction.

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