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Rep. Frank Pallone Praises Broadcasters’ Heroic Work (New Jersey Broadcasters)

Topic: Disaster Relief and Recovery

At the NAB State Leadership Conference on February 23, Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ) praised broadcasters’ "heroic work" in providing lifeline information during Hurricane Sandy in 2012, saying, "Their work — your work — saves countless lives." He specifically praised Greater Media’s WRAT-FM Point Pleasant for how quickly the edgy rock station switched to 24-hour news, becoming a vital information source. WRAT connected a listener to a family member who he hadn’t heard from for days. "WRAT had the privilege of broadcasting a family reunion that could not have happened without them," Pallone said. "And they did all this at the same time that the storm surge was inching closer to their station….To me that is what broadcasters are all about." Pallone recently proposed the SANDY Act to recognize the important role broadcasters play during emergencies and ensure that they get priority access to fuel for backup generators.

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