Univision Launches First U.S. Fact-Checking Project en Español LieDetector

Topic: Politics and Election Coverage
Posted on 3/7/2016

Univision’s newly launched Detector de Mentiras (Lie Detector) during the March 9 Democratic debate to fact-check presidential candidates this election season. During that event, Detector de Menitras focused on the candidates’ statements on drivers’ licenses for undocumented residents, Hillary Clinton’s famous speeches to Wall Street and the auto industry bailout. In general, the fact-checking team will focus on issues that are important to the Hispanic community, such as immigration, education and health care. "Univision has been asserting itself as a significant player in investigative work over the past few years," said Al Tompkins of Poynter, who cited Univision’s Rape in the Fields and Rape on the Night Shift.

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