CBS Evening News Debuts New Series on Heroin Addiction

Topic: Drug Prevention
Posted on 5/16/2016

CBS Evening News debuted a new series on heroin addiction on May 16. “In The Shadow of Death: Jason’s Journey” follows 30 year-old heroin addict Jason Amaral, who has been addicted for 10 years, has overdosed eight times and done countless detox programs. In part one, correspondent DeMarco Morgan shows Amaral doing heroin the day before he enters rehab. Amaral talks about his daily usage and how he procures drugs. Correspondent Dean Reynolds also provides an overall look at the heroin epidemic in America. “This series aims to allow people to see, in real time, what heroin addiction really looks like,” Executive Producer Steve Campus told TV Spy. “It may also help someone in the throes of addiction to get help, as our main character seeks life-saving assistance.”

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