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Alpha Helps Families Following Tornado (KSAL-AM/FM, KYEZ-FM, KSAJ-FM, KBLS-FM and KABI-AM)

Topic: Disaster Relief and Recovery

Alpha Media’s KSAL-AM/FM, KYEZ-FM, KSAJ-FM, KBLS-FM and KABI-AM Salina, Kan. organized a donation drive when a tornado leveled six houses and damaged 20 others on May 25. The stations contributed 50 insulated coolers and 50 bags of ice to residents without power, asking listeners to donate bottled water, coolers, ice and money. A local company provided 2,000 pounds of dry ice and 200 pairs of leather gloves. The relief effort “reinforced Alpha Media’s mission statement of why being live and local is important to our community,” said Alpha Media’s Promotions Director Danielle Norwood.

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