Radio Station is Lone Voice After Storm

Topic: Disaster Relief and Recovery
Posted on 7/21/2016

Fond Du Lac Bands WKLK-AM/FM and WMOZ-FM Coquet, Minn. was the lone voice after the storm on July 21. All three stations pre-empted programming to share information from emergency management services about cooling centers and downed power lines. They took nearly 500 listener calls with information, questions and messages for loved ones. People were trying to get information, they had nowhere else to turn, General Manager Kerry Rodd said. One guy called us to try to get word to his sister, whose cell phone had died, saying I want my sister to know that Im bringing a generator so keep your freezer shut. It was exhilarating, gratifying and exhausting, but a great feeling to be able to serve the public that way.

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