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Rubber City Radio Group Addresses Opioid Epidemic (WAKR-FM, WONE-FM, WQMX-FM, WNWV-FM)

Topic: Drug Prevention

Rubber City Radio Group’s WAKR-FM, WONE-FM, WQMX-FM, and WNWV-FM, in the greater Cleveland area, have devoted numerous resources to addressing the local and nationwide opioid epidemic. The station group invested a week’s worth of intensive reporting on its news and community talk programs regarding the topic, supported by live broadcasts and a strong web reporting presence that included social media. Also, the “Jasen Sokol Show” conducted a live four-hour program from the local Department of Health, which included a broadcast of a news conference detailing new initiatives to help listeners dispose of outdated prescription drugs safely. The station group also developed a section of their website where listeners can visit for additional information. Access it here.

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