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Hawaii News Now Fights Homelessness

Topic: Military-Focused Initiatives
Date Posted: 10/19/2016

Hawaii News Now (HNN) Honolulu produced and aired a documentary addressing Hawaii’s homeless crisis that debuted commercial-free on October 19. The 90-minute film follows two families for more than a year, showing how they became homeless, plus their struggles on the street and in securing subsidized housing. It touches on a variety of facets of the homeless, including veterans, the incarcerated, the elderly and transplants from other states and countries, with information on how mental health and addiction impact the problem. The initial Facebook post featuring a two-minute trailer reached almost 2.3-million people, with more than 9,000 likes and 11,000 shares. Viewer feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Residents shared their feelings and expressed a desire to help, showing that HNN achieved the goal of engaging the community in a conversation on an important issue. The film aired four times: October 19, October 30, November 5 and November 13. Boy’s touching call into SoCal radio show changes

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