WXIN Helps Erase Nearly $1.5 million in Medical Debt

Topic: Health Awareness Campaigns
Posted on 12/6/2018

Tribuneís Fox affiliate WXIN-TV Indianapolis announced on October 29 that they donated $15,000 to the non-profit RIP Medical Debt to erase nearly $1.5 million in debt for local people. A WXIN investigation showed that 23 percent of central Indiana residents have medical debt in collections. As of September 2018, 678,942 local people owe nearly $900 million. RIP Medical Debt buys debt in the secondary market for pennies on the dollar and uses donations to forgive it. Ten dollars wipes out $1,000 in debt.

WXIN highlighted the story of Jada Storm, who was trapped inside her car after a vehicle crossed the median. Jada suffered four broken limbs, five broken ribs, two cracked vertebrae, a collapsed lung, lacerated liver, and lacerated kidney. Stormís mom has received nearly daily calls from collection agencies for the intensive medical care.

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